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After rolling their selected dice, the player must use at least one of these dice to take one of three possible actions: Abandon, Build, or Cancel Construction. The Build action is the desired outcome, of course, but can be carried out only if the die result matches what they need to build. For instance, all Ground Floor dice can be built without restriction, but a High-Rise Mid-Floor die result can be built only on top of a High-Rise Ground Floor die. Likewise, a Mid-Rise Penthouse die can be built only on a Mid-Rise Mid-Floor die. If the rolled results do not allow them to Build, then the player must Cancel Construction on one of their existing buildings. If a player does not want to Cancel Construction, then they must Abandon by placing that die in the Abandoned District, which gives their opponents the opportunity to capitalize on this failure.

At the end of the game, points are rewarded for completed buildings according to their height. A Level 3 building – that is, a building comprised of three dice – is worth 9 points, while a Level 4 building is worth 16, and so on.

Remember, the dice control the results...but the players control the dice.