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On your turn, roll 7 dice (sides: gold nugget, lasso, 2, 3, 4, 5) and execute one of the following actions:

1) roll again, but before that, freeze at least one die:
- one or more lassoes AND/OR
- one or more gold nuggets AND/OR
- three or more numbered dice showing the same number. When 3 or more numbered dice are already frozen you can freeze further dice (1 or more) of this number after the subsequent rolls.

2) if you can't freeze any die you can't take any gold nuggets and it's the other player's turn

3) if you decide to take the gold nuggets, you get
- 1 nugget for each die showing gold nuggets
- 2/3/4/5 nuggets for 3 or more dice showing the numbers 2/3/4/5
- and if you have 3 lassoes, you can take these gold nuggets from the other player instead of taking it from the common stock.

If you have used all your dice on your turn then it's your turn again. The player with the most gold nuggets wins.